I was looking for special flute for a long time. I came upon one of your videos on YouTube. Arrived in perfect condition. Your flute is special to me. I play in nature in Turkey. My country is beautiful as your flute. I send pictures of me playing in Taurus Mountains your flute. Thank you so very much! I love my Wispa Flute from USA!
Nymphe Y.
I received my flute today! Bravo! I like that I can play with the same breath velocity and all holes are in tune. Some flutes are rubbish, my Wispa is great!
David P.
United Kingdom
I bet I’m your favorite customer as I now own five Wispa’s. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. Your flutes are the Stradivarius of all flutes!
Arthur N.
Love my inlays! Perfectly tuned! Will accompany my piano!
Aaron C.
New Jersey
Flute arrived! Beautiful! Thank you!
Jason B.
My maple Warrior flute arrived in perfect condition, well packed. It's much more than what I expected. You are a true craftsman! Thank you, brother!
Willie V.
Just, wow! Exactly what I was looking for to enhance my recordings!
Nathan C.
Beautiful tones!!!!!! Bags are beautiful!!!! Beads are Beautiful!!! Flutes are Beautiful!!! You are the greatest!!!!
Martha J., Arkansas
Thanks, Steve of Wispa Flutes for the beautiful flute you made for my daughter Kaitlyn! :) May you prosper in all you do Steve!
John R., Florida
The bass Kiowa flute you made me works perfect for my cranial therapy business and clients. Such a healing instrument of peace! Thank You!
Cheryl L., Connecticut
I own a Wispa Flute and it sounds FANTASTIC!!!!!
Dan T., Vermont
A very special “thank you,” to our friend, Steve Carpenter from Echoes of the Children. Thank you for touching our lives with your DVD on how to play the Native American Flute. Your insight will be a valuable learning tool for us. May music always be in your heart and life. Blessing from Echoes of the Children and Whispering Spirits. I can’t wait to get the five flutes you are making for the children!
Martha J., Arkansas
Thank you for getting my husband’s flute done just before Christmas, perfect timing and went right under the tree! He loves his flute, it’s in the key of G - beautiful! Thank you so much!
Stephanie C., Connecticut
I would like to thank Steve Carpenter of Wispa Flutes for making me a beautiful Kiowa bass flute from his heart. My flute is a true work of art and sounds serene and peaceful!
Charlie S., California
Hello Steve, I played the flute you made for Charlie S. in CA. It is a piece of art and sounds so peaceful. When I will be back from my travel I will contact you to see if you could do one for me! Here www.bluecloud-music.com you can listen some of my tunes! Wish you a great day!
"Blue Cloud" Sebastien, Caribbean Islands
Here is an awesome vid of my friend Steve Carpenter, who hand-crafted my awesome Kiowa flute that is a perfect match & compliment to my favorite Ibanez acoustic guitar… he far exceeded my expectations & specifications, and presented me with a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.
George L., Owner of Jag Productions, Virginia Beach
I just got my flute! I did a quick recording. I love, love, love it!
Jamie R., Wisconsin
I love my Kiowa Flute! I played it for my husband on the porch outside tonight! So peaceful! We love it!
Sandy M., Florida